Wednesday, January 19

Democratizing the Arab World

We blow a hole in the national treasury, poison our foreign relations, kill over a million people, mock the Bill of Rights, lay waste to an entire society, torture and kidnap hundreds, send thousands of our own to premature deaths, injuries, and madness, and all for "a democratic Iraq" which would "serve as an example to the Arab World." But when an Arab nation seems set to accomplish the feat for its own sake with relatively little violence and bloodshed in just a few weeks of outward tension, our press gives a communal sigh and turns the sports page.

I guess it's not about democracy, then, either, is it? And for all of you who followed the Bush Administration up the garden path all these years, and who argued with the likes of Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times that all the homicidal madness we unleashed in Iraq was worth it in the end, if it favored democracy, what can one say now but "Suck on this!"☆

☆ Words of Thomas L. Friedman, addressing the people of Iraq and threatening them for no rational reason.

(Clip of Friedman talking apparently from the future, at a time when the war in Iraq is already over.)