Thursday, April 8

Voting for life. Robert's reply.

[The brief introduction to this exchange is posted on April 19 as VOTING FOR LIFE: PREAMBLE. The following was written on April 12.]#10
Robert writes:

Thanks for the info on the 10.5 million.

Three thoughts.

First, isn't human nature interesting? You did exactly the same thing on the mosque issue that you said I did. That is, you referred to it initially without making any reference to combatants on the Iraqi side. When I tried to correct your omission by pointing out that US troops were indeed being fired upon, but did not mention innocent civilians, you accused me of beating on the war drum. Should I accuse you of being a one-sided peacenik?

Second, I could ask you the same question you appear to be asking me. How many unborn a day need to be killed before you disavow your loyalty to the man who has vowed to continue to work to expand abortion rights here and abroad?

Third, I believe I have answered your main question. I am doing the same thing you are doing, looking at an imperfect politician (I assume you don't agree with Kerry on every point, particularly the abortion rights point), looking at and assessing the evidence of his plusses and minuses, and coming up with more plusses. Hence, we each support our imperfect politicians. We just differ on how we add up the plusses and minuses.

I won't answer a hypothetical. I answer on my understanding of the existing plusses and minuses. Hence, I think I answered your question, unless you posed another one I missed.