Tuesday, July 20

Enthusiastic support for state-sponsored killing of minors

Today, I went to www.foxnews.com and saw that they had an online poll concerning the death penalty. At the time I consulted the site, 59% of the more than 50,000 respondents had clicked on "in favor of capital punishment for minors" and only 7% were against capital punishment in all cases (including me).That made me wonder, what sort of sick people use www.foxnews.com? Is it Fox that produces such twisted minds, or do the twisted minds simply gravitate towards Fox? Or both?

When I searched the web for "death penalty" using Fox's search engine, the first site that came up was
Pro-deathpenalty.com. It was stated by Fox that the search results were found by Yahoo!, but when I searched with Yahoo! without having the Fox site open, I didn't see that pro-death penalty site in the search returns. Strange how that works...

Is there another industrialized nation calling itself a democracy that puts child offenders to death? What a proud distinction we Americans can claim for ourselves! Aeiggghh!