Wednesday, July 28

Moore Good Deeds

Michael Moore spoke in Cambridge yesterday to an audience of 500-600 (with more than 1,000 outside who could not get in but whom he addressed later). This is a truly rousing speech -- the only one that could have rivaled Barack Obama's inspirational performance from Tuesday night. Obama's and Moore's speeches aired on this morning's Democracy Now!. The video and audio feeds of Moore's speech begin at 1:08:00 of the day's two-hour feed.

Democracy Now! also reports the following about Moore's activities:

"Everywhere Moore has gone in Boston, massive crowds have followed him. In fact the Kerry campaign is probably quite happy that the filmmaker is leaving town today. Moore is actually heading into George W. Bush's backyard in Crawford Texas, where he will introduce a showing of his film Fahrenheit 9/11 at a football stadium. Moore says he has invited the film's star, President Bush, to attend the show. While Fahrenheit 9/11 has now topped the $100 million mark, no theater in Crawford or the surrounding towns would show the movie, until last week when it was picked up by a theater in Waco. That's why Moore decided to do his own screening near Bush's Crawford ranch."