Monday, July 19

Murdoch is poisoning our public space

To participate in one of the over 3,000 group viewings of the documentary Outfoxed which are taking place this Sunday, July 18, go to, which has an easy-to-use search engine for locating the one closest to you. You can also go to the Outfoxed homepagefor general information. Also, you can listen to and watch scenes from the documentary and an interview with its producer here (at 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the audio feed).If you cannot make it to one of these free viewings and are interested in seeing the largest megaphone for Bush propaganda exposed in all its crude light, you can also order a DVD of the documentary from the Outfoxed homepage.

And here is a group blog, called
News Hounds, whose contributors track daily distortions on Fox.