Saturday, October 30

No Uranium Bombs!

photos by fanni terrette * translation: No! Depleted Uranium Bombs!

1991 Golf War. 320 tons of radioactive weaponry used (euphemistically termed "depleted" uranium).

2003 Golf War.
"Depleted" uranium used much more frequently in civilian areas.
Today, Iraq is strewn with radiocative rounds, and most Iraqi citizens and occupying troops are unaware of the toxic nature of this material, which can be born aloft in dust particles. Proximity to it fosters the development of birth defects, cancers, and disease.

U.S. soldiers are reporting illnesses from their exposure. The Gulf War syndrome is tied to the use of uranium-enriched weaponry. Depleted Uranium has been discussed as a weapon of U.S. terrorism (think "shock and awe").

This site provides documents concerning the use of uranium-enriched weapons.

Would a Kerry presidency put an end to this madness and ban the use of toxic weaponry that risks poisoning Iraq and its people for countless generations?