Friday, July 1

An appeal to machismo

The billboard pictured below was photographed in what is euphemistically called an underprivileged neighborhood ("un quartier défavorisé"). This means that it is extremely poor and inhabited principally by African-Americans. The location of the billboard was certainly not chosen fortuitously. The search for desperate mercenaries among the poor of the nation, who, in Iraq and elsewhere, are needed to fight this generation's wars for the sake of the rich is in full swing in the United States. As always, the military-corporate take-overs are dressed up in banners of national pride and glory and, as pictured below, sold with mega-labels like "liberty" and "life," and rationalized as issues of "national security."

For French readers, I offer a translation of the macho billboard phrase: "Vie, liberté, et la poursuite de tous ceux qui la (?) (sic) menacent."

The phrase is hard to translate because it is not clear what the word "it" refers to. To life? Liberty?

What half-wit composed this thing, anyway?