Monday, September 5

Team spirits

photo by fanni terrette. Shibukawa, Japan. (15834)

I've noticed that people from all over the world click on this blog from day to day. I would like to extend a welcome to you all. I write in English almost always but would like the challenge of reading your comments in the language of your preference. Leave a comment and I'll plant a flower in your name. (Not really, but such are my sentiments.) All good blogs are group projects, just like all good rock bands, made of a team of spirits. So, participate, dear visitors, in "terrette," a personal name that, fortuitously enough, means "small earth," as in (I like to say) "small world."

I want also to welcome "Mo Fo," the trombonist, bonfire specialist, hot pepper chef, and overall musical factotum who graciously welcomed me into his lakeside home one chilly September night and re-opened my musical horizons with his midi-driven, alchemic magic. This is the right address, Mo Fo.