Friday, September 9

Two McSacks, Please

(AP, not) A representative of the McDonald's Corporation, depicted here in local ethnic garb, uses Polish horses to test a new drive-thru feeding technique for the American market, which is particularly susceptible to the lure of copious and ubiquitous consumption. The sacks can be fastened to the consumer's head, as demonstrated here, to allow feeding at all times of the day, or fitted to both steering wheels and, for passengers, dashboards and the back of a car's front seats. Capitalizing on the feeding bags' efficiency and capacity for high caloric volume, McDonald's plans to distribute feeding bags to American motorists by the end of 2005. It is not yet clear whether such feeding bags will be restricted in use by drivers in the manner that cell phones are in some parts of the country, but, in a similar fashion, the matter is likely to be settled on a state-by-state basis.

photo by fanni terrette (16136)